Excellent location

We are located in Cascais’ praia da Rainha (Queen's beach), the most central beach in all of Cascais, just 1 minute walking distance from the Cascais train station. The beach is perfect for any occasion, whether you're travelling with your family, with your better half, or even in a group! There is even a direct access to the bar from the street, if you don’t want to have sand in your shoes, but still want to be in a real life beach bar, without having to leave the town’s centre. Our bar is the only one in Cascais actually located ON the beach, which means you don’t even have to put on your shoes or shirt to visit us! We provide sunshade and sun lounger rentals with bar service, so you can spend a relaxing day at the beach, just like you deserve. We also serve light food, like sandwiches, salads and wraps, with vegetarian and vegan options too! 

Our location and terrace is also perfect for your event, whether it’s a cocktail party, birthday celebration or even your bachelor or bachelorette party!


Food Safety

We also pride ourselves in the quality of our products and food safety. We have received the diploma of good practices in Hygiene and Food Safety issued by the program “Praias com Saúde” (Healthy Beaches) from the Cascais municipality every year since the program started in 2014.



Since we opened in 2012,  our cocktails and juices are made specifically with fresh fruit, and we remain true to ourselves, so you can expect all natural ingredients in our drinks and food. Everything is made freshly on the spot.

In the last few years we have become more concerned about the environment, and made changes to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2018 we joined Movimento Claro (https://movimentoclaro.org/) and stopped using straws on our drinks. In 2019 we stopped with single-use plastic cups and plates, changing them with reusable cups and baskets for the sandwiches. In 2020 we aim to go even further, and in an attempt to reduce the use of plastic, we now have filtered and purified water for you to refill you reusable or plastic bottle, at a cheaper cost than a bottle of water.


 Beach History

Praia da Rainha is named after the beloved Queen Amélie de Orléans, the last Queen consort in Portugal. She was the granddaughter of France’s last King, Louis Phillippe I and was born in England in 1865, where her family was exiled since Napoleon III assumed the French throne.


Queen Amélie married the Royal Prince Carlosin 1886, and even though it was an arranged marriage, they eventually fell in love with each other and had 2 sons, Luís Filipe and Manuel. In 1886 the King died and Carlos and Amélie became King and Queen of Portugal, in a difficult period due to a lot of popular dissatisfaction.


As a Queen, however, Amélie played a very important role, both in the portuguese court, with her elegance and cultured character, and also near the people, with her interest in eliminating the wrongs of her time, like poverty and tuberculosis. She founded  dispensaries, sanitariums, child cares and economic kitchens, thus showing her preoccupation with the wellbeing of the portuguese population.


However, her better known works include the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos (Castaway Assistance Institute), the Museu dos Coches Reais (Royal Coaches Museum) and the Assistência Nacional aos Tuberculosos (National Tuberculosis Assistance).


As a mother, she always tried to give her kids an excellent education, broadening their horizons with a cruise in the Mediterranean in the royal Yacht Amélie to show them the ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations.


In 1908, in the Lisbon Regicide, her husband King Carlos and their older son Luís Filipe were killed by Republican partidaries. It is said that Queen Amélie fought off the assassins wielding nothing more than a bunch of flowers she was holding.


She never fully recovered from this event, retiring to the Pena Palace in Sintra, although never forsaking her son Manuel, who was proclaimed King of Portugal in the early age of 18 years old, amidst big political turmoil. In 1910, after the inevitable proclamation of the Republic, she went into exile with the rest of the royal family, to London.


She later went to live in Château Bellevue, outside Versailles.After the Second World War she returned to Portugal, in an emotional visit, where she travelled to Lisboa and Fátima, and the monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha, and visited all the dispensaries she had created. On the 25 October 1951 the Queen passed away in her residence in Versailles. Amongst her last words is the phrase: “I’m suffering so much!  God is with me! Goodbye! Take me to Portugal”.

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